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For those attending the church services the museum is open before and after every scheduled service at no admission charge.


The Museum of The Book is home to a world class collection of original ancient manuscript and printed Bibles. It is the only museum in London exclusively dedicated to the Word of God. Manuscripts date from 4000 BC to AD 1600 and are written in more than 20 languages including Hebrew, Greek, Latin and English.


Museum of The Book is open for free admission immediately following all scheduled services and events of Church of The Book. The archaeological artefacts in the collection serve to emphasise the historical accuracy of the Word of God. 


Europe today, for the most part, holds to a post reformation worldview excluding God from its culture and national life. The Bibles of the 16th century Protestant Reformation are represented in the collection in almost every European language in first editions including both Lutheran and Calvinistic translations. 


It is sometimes said by the ignorant, “One can’t trust the Bible today because it has changed so many times over the centuries.”  Come visit the Museum of The Book with an open mind and you will never think or say that again. Printed Bibles in the collection in biblical Greek and Hebrew demonstrate the fidelity of the Word of God. 


Have you ever seen the Bibles of the martyrs? At the Museum of The Book you will come face to face with William Tyndale, John Rogers, Myles Coverdale and host of other faithful Bible translators who in some cases were burned at the stake for their faith. See the pinnacle of their labours in the first edition of the 1611 King James’ Bible.  


Museum of The Book is home to many association copies of the Bible including, Charles Spurgeon, William Wilberforce, Florence Nightingale, Emma Darwin, T.S Eliot, George Bernard Shaw, Princess Diana, President Gerald Ford, Moses, J. Frank Norris, Jack Ruby, Reggie Kray, the Queen of England, Her Majesty Elizabeth II and the King of America, none other than, Elvis Presley. 


Exquisite and rare one of a kind bindings grace hundreds of Bibles and prayer books in the Museum of The Book. These tomes are adorned in gold, silver, jewels, leather, embroidered silk, mother of pearl, carved wood, brass, pewter and much much more. 


We speak of the Living Word, the written Word, the spoken Word but have you ever considered the visual Word? In previous generations dramatic biblical art was the only way the illiterate could even possibly read the Bible. Museum of The Book contains thousands of biblical prints, paintings, engravings, sculptures and embroideries used in conveying the message of the Bible. 

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